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EDM artist, DJ, and producer Tim Bergling a.k.a. Avicii, has passed away today. He was 28 years old. From reading the articles announcing his death, I learned he had been struggling with alcoholism for quite some time. However, that’s not what I want to focus on in this post, rather, I’d like to speak briefly about the influence his music had on me when I was younger.

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fl0m & YouTube? It’s happening.

I have been a twitch subscriber to Erik “fl0m” Flom for several months now, and have been watching his team, Mythic Rebornfor a few years.OCQfHa7d_400x400 fl0m is known for his aggressive AWPing style, and solid risk/reward gamesense. For almost a year now, he’s had the team movie-maker, SiCKO make fragmovies for the team and stream highlights for fl0m. But now, they are both working together to make a new tutorial series on how to be a better AWPer. It’s fantastic.

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I Just Finished Exams

When this gets posted, I will officially be finished exams. Exams_Start..._NowAt least I f***ing should be or I f***ed up big time. At this time, I will be getting this website as a reward.  (OOPS! I already got it!) It will go under an actual domain, rather than the silly .wordpress.com this site shoves down your throat for being a free user. I hope to use this website as a gateway to get out of my own head; there’s a lot going on in here.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write stuff down. I have a lot of opinions, you see, and you’ll continue to hear them in the future (I hope)! Some of the things I express won’t be pretty, they won’t be nice… and hell, even some won’t really make any sense. But sometimes I don’t make sense, yet I keep talking. That’s just who I am.

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Polarization of American Politics Paper

Yet another school paper I have decided to submit to this website, because fuck it. This one is on the trend of Polarization in American Politics. This was also for the Grade 12 Politics class. Enjoy my mandatory opinion on the matter. Oh, it got a 99% if that means anything.



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A Paper on The United Nations

I wrote a paper for my Grade 12 politics class that got a 91%. I don’t really see any reason to post it on this site, but it’s my site, so, I can do what I want.  In this paper I take a political stance on the United Nations. Enjoy.


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CS:GO ELEAGUE Major, Boston, 2018.

Currently, the ELEAGUE 2018 Major: Boston is going on, the games have been great and the highlights are insane. A huge story line has been the CIS teams coming out of no-where and destroying Tier 1 teams. Most notably thus far, Vega Squadron and Quantum Bellator Fire.

But what seriously has to be the best highlight compilation out there is this.  It’s just a huge compilation of all the players yelling “Nice!” throughout the qualifier. F.U.C.K.I.N.G.L.O.L

Counter-Strike: It’s really not that complicated.

Counter Strike has been around for a long time. It has a huge skill ceiling and the meta is changing all the time, even if the game doesn’t really change at all. Counter Strike isn’t like many of your typical shooters, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. Instead of focusing on graphics and realism, it focuses solely on balancing, and competitive viability. I love it to death.

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The First of Many

I’ve been meaning to write stuff for a long time. Some of the stupid, completely out there ideas that come inside my head, you just won’t believe. You’ll probably think a lot of it is pretty dumb too. Read More