The First of Many

I’ve been meaning to write stuff for a long time. Some of the stupid, completely out there ideas that come inside my head, you just won’t believe. You’ll probably think a lot of it is pretty dumb too.

This is a quote from a super famous person. I don’t quote myself. That’s stupid. – CakeJam, 2018.


This is Bernie Sanders. I don’t know much about him, other than some people that keep saying #FeelTheBern as if he was still somehow running for president a full year after Trumps’ inauguration. I hate Trump by the way. Just so we’re clear.

See? Already posting stupid random crap. I just like Roy Lichtensteins art, and I saw this. Why not?

This brings up one of the things I hate. People who openly take “pride” in being spontaneous. And I just did it myself. Oopsies. I’m sure I’ll write a whole thing on that subject at some point.