I Just Finished Exams

When this gets posted, I will officially be finished exams. Exams_Start..._NowAt least I f***ing should be or I f***ed up big time. At this time, I will be getting this website as a reward.  (OOPS! I already got it!) It will go under an actual domain, rather than the silly .wordpress.com this site shoves down your throat for being a free user. I hope to use this website as a gateway to get out of my own head; there’s a lot going on in here.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write stuff down. I have a lot of opinions, you see, and you’ll continue to hear them in the future (I hope)! Some of the things I express won’t be pretty, they won’t be nice… and hell, even some won’t really make any sense. But sometimes I don’t make sense, yet I keep talking. That’s just who I am.

From the week or two I’ve spent just messing around with wordpress, it really, genuinely  seems like a perfect fit for me. For some ridiculous reason I had a GoDaddy website before, and thought that it was the best option out there. End me. I hope that I can find a theme a teensy bit better then the one I currently have at the time of writing. This one seems a little plain, if I’m going to be honest. I like clean, but I also like functional and diverse. Hope that I find the tools necessary to do what I want, but if not, this is hella good as it is.

My name is CakeJam. Nice to meet you, internet.


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