fl0m & YouTube? It’s happening.

I have been a twitch subscriber to Erik “fl0m” Flom for several months now, and have been watching his team, Mythic Rebornfor a few years.OCQfHa7d_400x400 fl0m is known for his aggressive AWPing style, and solid risk/reward gamesense. For almost a year now, he’s had the team movie-maker, SiCKO make fragmovies for the team and stream highlights for fl0m. But now, they are both working together to make a new tutorial series on how to be a better AWPer. It’s fantastic.

Usually, videos of this nature are utter dogshit as they completely ignore the situational aspect of making a play. They simply say things along the line of: “This play is the best play you can make with the AWP to catch your enemies off guard, and get some easy frags!” which is utter bullshit. Luckily, fl0m’s new series goes into the risk/reward aspect of each play without going off on a tangent.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:


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