How I truly feel about XXXTentacion.

This video describes exactly, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word, exactly, how I feel about XXX, and why I feel so awkward supporting him, but end up connecting with him even more as a result.

This video outlines how X was/is the embodiment of his music. He was the anti-christ to the current rap scene. He’s like the eminem or Tyler for the new soundcloud wave.

He’s an absolutely disgusting person, but so was his music. It’s easy to look at many rappers songs and be like “that’s fucked up” but then look at them as a person and see no connection. For X, the connection was undoubtedly there. X was by far the most technically skilled rapper in this new wave, and his music was and is the perfect and clear look into his mind. And with that, comes a connection so vulnerable and open, I just can’t stop listening, no matter how disgusted I am.