ToonTown is the perfect PewDiePie vs. T-Series analogy…

PewDiePie has been at the top of YouTube sub counts for the past several years, even surpassing the entirety of the YouTube movies catagory. That’s right; PewDiePie is bigger than movies. Recently, however, PewDiePie has been up against some corporate competition for the top spot. They are T-Series, a bollywood music company based in India, acting as India’s version of Vevo, if you will. The sub count has come close several times, even reaching as low as 14,000 subscribers ahead of T-Series (keep in mind this is a 14,000 subscriber gap between two channels with over 70 million subscribers). That was until ‘Pewd’s’ received community & content creator support, which resulted in over 540,000 subscribers that day! The fight continues, and I decided to do what I can to help. Make a video of my own!

I digress. For those who actively support PewDiePie’s channel, the fight to stay on top hits close to home. For others, the sentiment of the most subscribed channel going from an independent content creator to a corporate machine still has its emotional impact. 

You may be asking, how in the hell does this relate to ToonTown? And what the hell is ToonTown anyways? Well, for starters, ToonTown was a disney MMO for kids that was launched in 2003 (checkmate, World of Warcraft). The plot, in essence was an anti-corporation battle, which involved playing various gags against robo-pen-pushers. (Like throwing meringue pie at their face, or squirting water at them through a bow-tie). It’s not hard to assume the connection between the games premise and the ever so present battle against a corporation on YouTube.

So naturally, I decided to make a short video, alluding to the game and its near 1:1 representation of the current events. Unfortunately for me, I opted to use key framing as my method of animation, and yes, that is for every single moving image in the video. The result is handcrafted, and nears perfection for the time spent, but my god, it took more than 6 hours to make this 1 minute clip. If anyone knows a better way, feel free to contact me. I beg you.

Anyways, enjoy!