Thinking about Jahseh.

I know most blog posts should be primarily focused on my work and writing, however, I do enjoy hand picking videos from time to time that gives a vibe that I think connects well with myself and my interests. Among the thousands upon thousands of videos made in an effort to gain views from Jahseh’s name, few add anything of value. However, this video by EMPIRE definitely paints a picture of X similar to that of the one crafted in my mind. This video brings me close to tears every single time I watch it.

The energy and time I have spent dealing with protecting Jah from the controversy his name brings can at times pull me away from my connection with him as an artist, and more importantly, as a person.

If you find yourself with a period of spare time, and truly want to reconnect with Jah, this video is appropriate and respectable. I miss you, X.

Heartbreaking, I know. I can’t speak for what Jah wanted, but I can provide something to bring you back closer to level, and that is a video I have made recently. It features a couple brief moments from my favourite live performance recording. It’s only a minute long, but if anything, it should be. He was gone too soon.

I miss you, X.