About Me

I was born on March 9th, 2001.

I play a crap ton of video games. Like way too much. Funnily enough, it’s mostly one game though. I love the ESEA Community and eSports. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to skill ceilings.




My mom passed away in 2013 (I was 12) from a battle of depression she fought her whole life, although she refused to let that define her.

This is me to the right.




I love music. It has helped me through a lot of tough times.

Here’s a spotify playlist that I’ll throw stuff into that catches my eye:

Various Links:

CS:GO AutoExec: Here.

ESEA Profile: Here.

If you happen to play steam games, you can find me here: Steam Profile.

I have a twitter account which I sort of use: Twitter Profile.

I occasionally stream on Twitch: Twitch Channel.

And I have a YouTube which I hope to post to regularly: YouTube Channel.

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