17 years old. Politically driven, with a focus on social reform, and strong socialist values. Future Political Science student at York/Ryerson University. Proud feminist. Things I say oftentimes seem to conflict one another, but sometimes truth in the most earnest sense of the word can overpower the written account. Empathy builds the strongest connections. Your future is yours for the taking; capture it.

I know most blog posts should be primarily focused on my work and writing, however, I do enjoy hand picking videos from time to time that gives a vibe that I think connects well with myself and my interests. Among the thousands upon thousands of videos made in an effort to gain views from Jahseh’s name, few add anything of value. However, this video by EMPIRE definitely paints a picture of X similar to that of the one crafted in my mind. This video brings me close to tears every single time I watch it.

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PewDiePie has been at the top of YouTube sub counts for the past several years, even surpassing the entirety of the YouTube movies catagory. That’s right; PewDiePie is bigger than movies. Recently, however, PewDiePie has been up against some corporate competition for the top spot. They are T-Series, a bollywood music company based in India, acting as India’s version of Vevo, if you will. The sub count has come close several times, even reaching as low as 14,000 subscriber, that was until ‘Pewd’s’ received community content creator support, which resulted in over 540,000 subscribers that day! 

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A look at the U.S. Constitution, and how Terminology used in the early beginnings of the U.S.A. has and will continue to make life harder for women.

Systematic marginalization of women in the United States is often attributed to general societal standards throughout their history, however, this essay will argue that although that concept is not technically incorrect, it leaves the question of where sexism is rooted largely unanswered. There is no denial; society and human nature in and of itself is sexist, and always has been; however I will argue that the systematic oppression built through centuries of legislation rooted the foundation of sexism within the law, while in unison with the largely superficial but undeniably vast importance placed on literal interpretation of written law.

Women’s march in Washington, directly outside the white house, in solidarity against Donald Trump.
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The late rapper, Jahseh ‘XXXTentacion’ Onfroy has released his first single  (not including features) since he passed away. The song releases alongside the announcement of ‘Skins’ the first of multiple posthumous albums suspected to eventually be released. ‘Skins’ drops on December 7th, 2018.

The album is one of three albums Jahseh was actively working on for release in 2018, starting with his album ‘?’ which was able to release before his death, and to which brought him massive mainstream success. The other, is supposedly named ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ which is a tout to his fashion brand. It is unknown if Bad Vibes Forever was adequately completed, or if it will be able to make it to release in 2018, as X himself proposed. Listen the the new single below: