18 years old. Politically driven, with a focus on social reform, and strong socialist values. Future Political Science student at the University of Toronto. Proud feminist. Things I say oftentimes seem to conflict one another, but sometimes truth in the most earnest sense of the word can overpower the written account. Sometimes the best option is the worst in every way. See what I mean by self contradiction?

As a reaction to the movements in the United States to remove statues of controversial figures of history, Sir John A MacDonald, our first Prime Minister, has found himself on a similar wanted list.  Just as the United States has done with figures of their history, Canada has plastered MacDonald’s name across buildings, schools, and various other facilities across the country. In MacDonald’s case, the fuel for the fire is his connection and creation of the Indian Act, and the resulting cultural genocide on the native population.  Many have already asked or are beginning to ask, should John A’s memorial statues be taken down, his name ripped from the title of countless buildings across Canada?

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PewDiePie has been at the top of YouTube sub counts for the past several years, even surpassing the entirety of the YouTube movies catagory. That’s right; PewDiePie is bigger than movies. Recently, however, PewDiePie has been up against some corporate competition for the top spot. They are T-Series, a bollywood music company based in India, acting as India’s version of Vevo, if you will. The sub count has come close several times, even reaching as low as 14,000 subscribers ahead of T-Series (keep in mind this is a 14,000 subscriber gap between two channels with over 70 million subscribers). That was until ‘Pewd’s’ received community & content creator support, which resulted in over 540,000 subscribers that day! The fight continues, and I decided to do what I can to help. Make a video of my own!

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