Helpful Stuff

This page is dedicated to showing a handful of helpful websites and videos to help you get better at CS:GO and Rocket League. These websites can help you line up smokes and other utility, practice your recoil even when not in-game, and more.

I’ll include some YouTube videos and playlists of certain professional players and “gurus” (if you will) that go over some of the concepts surrounding the game and real in-game application. For Rocket League, I’ll provide some tutorial videos and various pro’ players channels that are enjoyable to watch, but can help you get a glimpse of high level Rocket League play. I hope this stuff helps!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Helpful Websites:

1. The Official CS:GO Subreddit 

The subreddit is constantly booming with new discussion posts and video guides. There is also a weekly (every Thursday) stickied thread dedicated to answering questions from new players on a multitude of topics. There are rarely any questions left unanswered (even the weird ones!). It can also be an incredibly helpful tool to keep up on the current meta of the game being used by the majority of players.

2. SoThatWeMayBeFree

SoThatWeMayBeFree is an entirely free, constantly updated database of set smokes, flashes, and molotovs on every active duty map in the game. It features an incredibly easy to use resource to find exact lineups for the aforementioned utility that will work every time without fail. If you’re having a hard time getting the perfect lineup from the provided images, you can opt to click the “get ‘getpos'” button which will copy a command to your clipboard which you can then paste in the in-game console to teleport to the exact location and the exact lineup with your crosshair to throw the nade properly. I’ve learned everything this site has to offer, and come back to it regularly to keep the lineups fresh in my head. Proper utility usage (particularly smokes) can win a round in lower ranks, and becomes standard in the upper tier and beyond.

3. Spray.Training

This site is a godsend. It’s a full fledged mini CS:GO map inside your browser to train your recoil on. Like, do I even need to describe why this is a good thing? It’s amazing. You just set your sensitivity to what you use in-game (and make sure your mouse is set to the same DPI you use when playing CS) and just follow the ghost cross-hair to maintain the spray! This helps you build muscle memory when you can’t access the game.